A New Start

23 Mar

As Christians, we are truly blessed to have been given a new start.  As we are told in Romans 6, the old has passed away and the new is here.  The Lord loves us enough to not only offer salvation, but a new life.  This new life has an amazing blessing called grace.  Grace is unmerited favor – basically, that God loves us so much that when we know Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and ask for forgiveness, our sins are washed away.  That old sinful life no longer has a hold on us.  
However, we are still human.  Because we have grace, does that mean that we can do whatever we want to and just ask for forgiveness later?  We are told in Romans 6 that the answer is a resounding NO!  Why?  We are forgiven of our sins and those sins no longer have a hold on us.  We are now free to live for Jesus.  How can we not live for the One who died for us AND offers us eternal life?? 
Once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are on an amazing journey to become more like Him.  That is freedom to live the right way and do the right things.  This freedom has with it peace and joy and hope and love…and SO much more.  It gives us a freedom to put the “fleshly” desires behind us and serve an wonderful Savior who will take care of us every step of the way!
Why don’t we focus our attention on the One who gives us a brand new start??

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