Almost Springtime!

02 Mar

It has been so nice to have warmer weather.  It is difficult to feel motivated to do anything when the weather is cold and dark.  Springtime is a favorite of mine because the weather warms, it stays light longer, and flowers begin to bloom.  As I was considering springtime, I thought about a garden.  Gardens do not just produce themselves.  Someone has to plant the seeds, the seeds have to be watered, and then they begin to grow and produce. 
The person who puts the seed in the ground doesn’t have a choice about how much rain there is or how much sun there is.  There isn’t control over whether that seed grows and develops.  All the planter can do is plant and do the best to provide the right environment and hope something is produced.
Paul describes something similar in 1 Corinthians 3.  He is writing to the church about how he planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.  The foundation was Jesus Christ and everything is based on that.  With this scripture in mind, I started thinking about how the church should begin producing a community garden.  Not a literal dirt garden (although they are great).  A garden of faithful believers who sow seeds in the community and water those seeds regularly.  What does that mean?  What if the church sowed seeds of kindness…seeds of joy…seeds of peace…seeds of faithfulness…seeds of LOVE…
All Christians can do is sow the seeds and water the seeds.  We are called to love God and love others.  We are called to serve the Lord.  In doing these things the right way, seeds are sown everywhere we go.  Someone else may come behind us and water that seed at just the right time (because they are listening to the Lord too).  We can’t worry about what happens with the seeds we sow – God takes care of all that.  We are called to just be faithful gardeners.  So, what kinds of seeds will you sow today?

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