The Ugly Sin – An Awesome God

23 Feb

We don’t like to be reprimanded…We don’t want to think we have done anything wrong.  Yes, we can justify most anything.  Everybody is doing it OR I saw a Christian yesterday do this OR no one will ever know the difference OR it is just the way things are today.  Yes, we can even make sin look better.  But, the fact still remains that we sin and God still isn’t pleased with it.  Our measure of what is right and wrong should not be in others or anything in this world (after all, we live in a sinful world).  Our measure should be based on God’s Holy Word.
If we base what we do on the Word, then we can clearly see our sins!  So, what do we do about it.  Last Sunday, we looked at Psalm 32.  It is a Psalm of David and who knows sin and forgiveness better than David?  We can see in the Psalm that David knows what happens when sin goes unconfessed.  Unconfessed sin can just eat away at you.  You lose the joy, the peace, and the communication with the Lord.  It is as if God’s hand is heavy upon us when we sin.  We know when we have done wrong and we can’t just sweep it under a rug – unfortunately, the stuff we sweep under the rug will show up and will always be there.
David knew as we do that we have to confess our sins to the Lord.  If we know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then we know that He died on the cross so that we can be forgiven of those sins.  We know that His blood was not shed in vain.  When we confess our sins, as a believer, we are forgiven.  We can put those sins behind us and then, we can MOVE FORWARD.
That is important because we don’t want to go back to those sins – we want to move on.  We want to move on to serve.  We want to move on to be the people God wants us to be.  We want to move on because God has plans for us and He is ready for us to get to work!
So, what is keeping you from moving forward?  Is sin holding you down?  You know what to do…

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