Are you sure??

16 Feb

How many times in our lives have we found ourselves telling the Lord that we trust Him and that we have faith that He is going to take care of us…only to find that in reality, we don’t…  I say that we don’t because we most likely find it easier to follow Jesus and have trust in Him when there is money in the bank, the bills are paid, our health is good, and everything in our lives is going well.  But, what happens when there isn’t money in the bank…what happens when we get sick…what happens when we can’t seem to get it together?  This is the time when it becomes painfully obvious that we need the Lord.  He is with us all the time…good, matter.  But, we learn to trust in the times when things aren’t going well.  That is where we grow the most.  That leads us to really seek what true “blessings” are.  As people, we think that God isn’t blessing us if we don’t have plenty of money or nice things.  In reality, sometimes our blessings come in the form of a trial or difficulty.  This is when we grow the most…
This past Sunday, we looked at the words of Jesus written in Matthew.  Jesus is teaching that the man who built his house on a rock was ready when the storms came.  The man who built on sand – not so much…
Notice a couple of things…First, the storms came…Second, the foundation was based on Jesus – His Words and our response to those Words…Third, our foundation would not be good as sand (doing it on our own).
So, I ask you (as I have asked myself)…what is your foundation built on?  If your foundation is built on the things or people of this world – get ready – the storms will come and that “stuff” isn’t going to help you…
If your foundation is built on Jesus and His Word and our obedience – then, hold on…the storms still come, but you have the only One who can calm those storms OR just shield you until they are over!
Are you growing in the storms this week?? 

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