Fourth Sunday of January

26 Jan

Ever had one of those weeks where you know the devil is on your back for some reason?  I have had one of those weeks.  Ever since the computer picked up a virus, it has been a challenging time for me.  But, I know that my God is stronger… Through all of this, I am so thankful that He doesn’t leave me to deal with this alone.  He even puts up with me through my whining…

Last week, we looked at Mark 5:21-36.  In the scripture, Jesus is on His way to help Jairus and his daughter who is deathly sick.  However, on the way, He is interrupted.  He is interrupted because someone touches Him.  Interestingly enough, lots of people are touching Him.  But, there is one woman in particular who had the faith to know that if she could just touch His garment, she would be made well.  And she was.  He stopped for several reasons – for her to show her faith, for Him to teach a lesson to the crowd, for God to be glorified.  But, He could have easily not paid any attention to the interruption because He was busy and on His way to do good work.
We do that sometimes, at least I do.  I get so involved in what I am doing and where I am going that I don’t take the time to notice the “interruptions” around me.  The Lord is constantly putting things in our path that we might consider interruptions, but He considers missions of the moment.  These are tasks that He has for us.  But, if we aren’t constantly in prayer and taking time for Him, we will not notice these small, yet important tasks.  God has a plan but how will we know it or follow it if we are not in constant communication with Him?
My prayer is that even when I feel like everything is going wrong, I take the attention off of me and listen to Him – He has tasks for me to accomplish and good things in store.  May we all take time for the important “interruptions” today.

This coming Sunday is a special song service.  The choir will be singing to the glory of God for the entire service.  I am looking forward to watching God work through them!!   

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